Warp and Blend Software

Professional simulation – Control room – Big screens/360° – Consumer/Gaming


The Warpalizer is used in:

  • Flight Simulators
  • Helicopter Simulators
  • Driving Simulators
  • Ship Navigation Simulators
  • Ship Handling Simulators
  • ATC Simulators
  •  Small Arms Trainers
  • Excavation Simulators
  • Racing Simulators

Control Room

perfect choice for Large Screen Displays

The Warpalizer is used in:

  • Industrial Control Rooms
  • Traffic Control Rooms
  • Utility Control Rooms
  • Military Control Rooms


Get the ultimate gaming experience with the Warpalizer:

  • Racing
  • Sports
  • Simulators
  • War/Shooter games
  • Adventure


2 channel huge curved screen beneath Kon Tiki raft in Kon Tiki museum Oslo

Big screens/360°

The Warpalizer software is a perfect choice for most applications that need a projector based Large Screen Display like:

  • Interactive White Boards
  • Advertisement Screens
  • Planetariums
  • Museum Screens
  • Entertainment show screens
  • Exhibition Screens


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