F18 Super Hornet simulator at i-Way France with Warpalizer

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Opening ceremony of Simulator at flight museum

Univisual Technologies AB visited the opening ceremony of the JA37 Viggen simulator in Söderhamn flight museum where we have installed a 180 degree screen with Warpalizer.

A movie from the simulator:


UDX YouTube Channel

Please have a look at our Korean reseller UDX's YouTube channel, all of his videos include use of Warpalizer

DirectX and DesktopWarpalizer manual.

In our forum the manuals DirectX and DesktopWarpalizer have been published. 
Go to Installation under the Support category to find the installation manuals.

The Warpalizer forum

Be sure to pay the Warpalizer forum a visit. The list of tested games and applications are growing as we speak!
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Leave it to us (LTU) initiative

Univisual Technologies is proud to announce our new initiative; LEAVE IT TO US or LTU for short.

The background for this initiative is the simple fact that a multi-projector projection is not at all easy to set to work. On the contrary, it is very complicated to set up a perfect visual system and it takes years for an engineer to become a master of that trade.  Most warp and blend products are hard to figure out and the user interfaces they offer are more suited for "professors" than "normal" people.

Univisual Technologies have therefore developed an Alignment Toolbox that will ensure an acceptable result just by following a simple procedure, without any need for any prior knowledge about projection systems.  

The first generation Alignment Toolbox included a Quick Setup function that supported swift and easy alignment of 2D content onto any type of screen shapes. A perfect seamless result could be achieved in matter of minutes just by clicking the LUREMUS icon on a few predefined spots on the screen.  For reference, a video film represents a typical 2D content. 

In the second generation Alignment Toolbox we have upgraded the Quick Setup with a unique UTM function. Just by adding the field of view data into the GUI and click the UTM icon, Warpalizer automatically prepares the screen for 3D content.  For reference, most simulators that include a terrain database need 3D warping to be correctly projected.

Possible inaccuracies in the physical construction of the projection system are likely to cause smaller mismatch in the alignment. The second generation Alignment Toolbox therefore also includes provisions for fine adjustment. The fine adjustment is done by clicking, dragging and dropping control points into the correct positions using the LUREMUS icon. 

In most cases sufficient accuracy is achieve by relying on the naked eye only. However, if a higher degree of accuracy is needed, the second generation Tool Box has an option called WarpaLAZER.  The WarpaLAZER is a hardware based reference generator that projects a vertical line every 10 degrees, and a horizontal line in the vertical position the WarpaLAZER is located.  The resulting grid lines can be used to calibrate the control points very accurately. A picture of the WarpaLAZER is added at the end of this article.

The second generation Tool Box has also been augmented with new function, called Auto Line Up.  This function will ensure that the projected image will be perfect at all times, even if a projector has been accidental moved out of position.  Off course there is a limit to how much the projector can be moved, but for all practical purposes the function dynamically remedies normal day to day problems.  

Finally, the second generation Tool Box includes a new function, called Deep Black Overlap. This function removes the light in the overlap zone between two or more projectors, thus making Warpalizer a perfect for night simulation. The function is based on a sophisticated software algorithm in combination with simple antennas located  in front of the projector lenses.

The bottom line is; LTU. You do not have to understand what we do, or how we do it. Just enjoy the result.




A small collection of kind words we have got from the market


"I could play a little with the SW and I can say, it's the best I've seen so far. Congratulations!!!! I guess with a little more practice I will do fine.  Actually I could handle it without geometries calculations numbers as FOV, radius, angles, etc..."

Cesar Barbieri, Flight Simulator Enthusiast, Brazil.


“What we have observed is that the degradation is very minor and definitely much less than the one created by the projector software.”

Gérard Paulhac, Project Manager at Corys, France.


“Hi Olav, Well I thank you again and of course I will always mention your company to other people as the service I received has been impeccable and even more so the results have been great. Also in the future if I do make anymore or sell any I would not have to think twice about using your company.“

Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, GP2 race driver and simulator designer, UK


"we got everything setup really quick and it looks FANTASTIC!".

David Clements, President at SUMMIT Inspection Services Ltd, Canada


“first of all - thank u for yr efforts in helping us .... very nice and customer friendly ....”

Rick T. Damm, Happy Landings, Germany


“We owe our success to you and Robert. We will give a good news to you before long.  Many thanks and regards, Steve”

Steve Lee, UDX-creative, Seoul, South Korea


“The results are fantastic and hopfully we will be able to use you more in the future”

Darren Turner, Founder and owner of Base Performance and double Le Mans winning Aston Martin works driver, UK


“Thanks for your help, our client is extremely happy with the support and end result.”

David Cowdery, VR Solutions in Australia



Andrew Urbanek, USA


“Great software!”

Yee Kian Sim, Singapore


"Fantastic software - thank you."

Tomas Zahradka, Director at SimPit 3D - Virtual Flight Unlimited, New Zealand


 “I wish you well for your future business as the software is basically excellent and better than any other we have used.”

Emery Williams, Managing Director, Flight Simulators Asia Pacific Pty Ltd

Massive 180 degree double curved video wall in Sweden

This massive 180 degree double curved screen has been installed by Univisual Technologies at the Flight museum in Söderhamn.
The screen in 6.5 meters wide and 3.5 meters high and is projected by six HD projectors.
With the use of short throw projectors you can stand extremley close to the screen without casting any shadow on the screen.