Control Room

The Warpalizer software is the perfect choice for Large Screen Displays (LSD) in control rooms. The product can be used in two configurations.  If allowed by the supplier of the control system the Warpalizer can run directly on the LSD server, if not, a separate PC is needed.

Either way the following items highlight Warpalizer when used in control rooms.

  • Warpalizer supports any type of screens
  • Warpalizer supports both front and rear projection
  • Warpalizer supports any resolution supported by the graphic card
  • Warpalizer supports all frame rates the graphic is able to run
  • Warpalizer supports the number of channels available on the graphic card
  • Warpalizer works with all types and brands of projectors
  • Warpalizer simplifies the system complexity
  • Warpalizer offers a very intuitive and powerful Graphic User Interface
  • Warpalizer includes an Auto Line Up function for easy maintenance

The Warpalizer is used in: 

  • Industrial Control Rooms
  • Traffic Control Rooms
  • Utility Control Rooms
  • Military Control Rooms

If a separate PC is needed all external sources are interfaced via video grabber cards as well as USB and LAN connections.

 Example of Warpalizer used in a Control Room, for more examples go to "Installations" on the Main Menu.