The Warpalizer software is a perfect choice for most applications that need a projector based Large Screen Display.  There is a trend in the market that we see more and more different applications as the price of projectors and graphic cards comes down.  Warpalizer is currently used in applications like: 

  • Interactive White Boards
  • Advertisement Screens
  • Planetariums
  • Museum Screens
  • Entertainment in Restaurants and Night Clubs
  • Exhibition Screens

In spite of being very different applications they will all take advantage of the Warpalizer functionalities:

  • Warpalizer supports any type of screens
  • Warpalizer supports both front and rear projection
  • Warpalizer supports any resolution supported by the graphic card
  • Warpalizer supports all frame rates the graphic is able to run
  • Warpalizer supports the number of channels available on the graphic card
  • Warpalizer works with all types and brands of projectors
  • Warpalizer simplifies the system complexity
  • Warpalizer offers a very intuitive and powerful Graphic User Interface
  • Warpalizer includes an Auto Line Up function for easy maintenance

Warpalizer does not limit the number of projectors that can be used in an installation.


Example of Warpalizer used in a Museum, for a Videowall
, for more examples go to "Installations" on the Main Menu.